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Danny must make difficult choices and live with the consequences of his actions while hitchhiking through Northern British Columbia.

Director: Melanie Jones
Writer: Steve Moody
Production Company: Cabino Productions
Awards: Best Cinematography at U of T Film Festival, 2009.
Festival Screenings:

  • Victoria Independent Film Festival (Australia) 2007.
  • ‘Meet The Makers’ (Vancouver, BC) 2007.
  • LUNAFLIKS Outdoor Film Festival (Whistler, BC) 2008.
  • U of T Film Festival (Toronto, ON) 2009. WINNER Best Cinematography
  • Midforms Festival (Vancouver, BC) 2009.
  • West Side Shorts (Melbourne, Australia) 2011.
  • Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, 2011. Nominated for Best Cinematography.
  • En Route Air Canada In-Flight Entertainment, 2012. (via Movieola – The Short Film Channel)

Distributor: Ouat Media
Rest Stop on IMDB.

9:59 / color / english / miniDV / 2007