Watch the complete film below! (Langara Film Arts, 2006)

LOGLINE: Forced to flee to the woods when war strikes their cozy suburban neighborhood, Midge continues her quest to turn her husband Harold into a paragon of manliness with surprising results.

Director: Melanie Jones
Writer: Alasdair Reid
Starring: Heather Faye Roberts, Ian Smith, Arac Glasgow

Festival Screenings:

  • Fear No Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2007
  • River’s Edge Film Festival, Paducah, Kentucky, USA 2007
  • Calgary Fringe Film Festival, Calgary, AB, CANADA. 2007. Nominated for Best Lead Actor
  • ‘Meet the Makers’, Langara College, Vancouver, BC, CANADA. 2007
  • Women in Film Festival of BC. Vancouver, BC. 2008
  • Vancouver Student Film Festival. Vancouver, BC 2008.
  • Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (Melbourne, Florida) 2011. Nominated for Best Comedy.

Manhood on IMDB.

12:13 / color / english / HDV / 2006