OFFICIAL SELECTION: Whistler Film Festival 2015; Boomtown Film & Music Festival, 2016; Vancouver International Women’s Film Festival, 2016; Female Eye Film Festival, 2016; WNY: F.A.M.E, 2016; Leo Awards Nominee, Portland Film Festival 2016, Golden Door Film Festival of Jersey City 2016, Indie Chicks International Film Festival 2016. 

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FSM explores the world of underground raves and online dating through the eyes of Samantha, a female DJ grappling with the ups and downs of hookup culture in her search for meaningful connection.

With Vancouver as a backdrop for Samantha’s experiences, the film is a filmmaker’s love letter to Vancouver, showcasing iconic locations in the Kitsilano and East Vancouver neighborhoods. Local talent in the underground music scene provided original music and appeared in cameos in the film.

  • Writer, Director Melanie M. Jones
  • Producers Melanie Jones, Bernie Yao
  • Co-Producers Alex Cichon, Cindy Bruce
  • Executive Producers Avi Federgreen, Trish Dolman
  • Director of Photography Shawn Seifert
  • Cast: Vanessa Crouch (Hard Rock Medical, Neighbors), Georgie Daburas (Hitman 101, Supernatural, Untold Stories of the ER), Sean Aiken (One Week Job Project), Kyla Wise (Intelligence, Stargate: Atlantis, Psych, Catch and Release), Daniel Mallinson (Almost Human, The Killing, Becoming Sophie), Jessica Heafey (Supernatural, A Night for Dying Tigers), Daniel Arnold (Lawrence & Holloman, Fringe, The Killing), Nneka Croal (Supernatural, Falling Skies, The 4400), Paolo Maiolo (Interspecies Dating, Bad Parenting, Julia Harnett (So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Psych), Patriz Fomitchev, Hannah Pedersen (Aveline’s Window, Supernatural), Garrett Black (Supernatural, One Upon A Time in Wonderland, Fringe, Behind the 8 Ball), Debra Sears (Untold Stories of the ER, The Birdwatcher), Heather Roberts (Manhood, Rest Stop)
  • Featuring Music by: Howl Sound, South of Bloor, Kasey Riot, Blackmill, KIDS, Jodi Pederson, Phil Woolf, Best Night Ever, Dominique Fricot, J.P. Maurice, and Chersea.
  • Awards & Nominations:  Female Eye Film Festival 2016 Nominations: Best Canadian Feature, Best Debut Feature (FSM); Leo Awards 2016 Nominations: Best Editing, Best Directing in a Motion Picture (FSM); International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice 2016 Nominations: Best Feature Film, Best Director – Melanie Jones, Best Lead Actor – Vanessa Crouch, Best Supporting Actor – Sean Aiken, Best Supporting Actress – Jessica Heafey, Best Cinematography – Shawn Seifert, Best Original Screenplay – Melanie Jones (FSM); Boomtown Film & Music Festival 2016 WINNER 2nd Place Best Narrative Feature (FSM.); WNY: F.A.M.E WINNER Best Director (Melanie Jones).


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