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FSM: Why I’m Making this Film

Writing Update Jan 2014

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of [her] life, every quality of [her] mind, is written large in [her] works.”
—Virginia Woolf


Women in the Director’s Chair

Exciting News! I’ve been selected as a participant in the WIDC program this year. The program is in two stages: first, a Story Incubation Module in November, where my main scene (an excerpt from IIDENT) is work-shopped, rewritten and generally improved in preparation for the second stage: Production. In January I get to go to

Riparian Rhapsody

My first attempt at making a documentary. I recently went out to Chilliwack to shoot a documentary with my friend Dana. Although she has no previous experience in film, she was really enthusiastic about the project and about me doing it with her. The initial impulse to do it came from a 5 minute Video