One is a dedicated super cop, the other a hard-drinking, wormanizing Swarm of Bees in a jar. Together they fight crime.

  • Written by: Steve Moody
  • Directed by: Melanie Jones

S.O.B. (Swarm of Bees) is an original concept for a web series about a jaded cop and his off-the-rails partner, a Swarm of Bees in a jar, fighting crime on the streets of Big City. What brings these two unlikely characters together is their shared desired for revenge and redemption. The hook is the character of Swarm of Bees (SOB or Bees for short) – he is both completely ridiculous and also incredibly intriguing as a character and provides a fun way to explore the buddy cop genre and delve into real scientific concerns about Colony Collapse Disorder and its potential effects on our planet.

Watch the Proof of Concept Video HERE