When the invitation to Cedric’s 10 Year High School Reunion arrives in the mail, memories of being bullied and ridiculed by his classmates come flooding back. In the latest of his bizarre science projects, he sets out to create a monster that will wreak his revenge on them at the Reunion. His creation, nicknamed Cuddles by Cedric’s wife Rochelle, turns out to be affectionate rather than vicious and develops an insatiable appetite for cookies. As Cedric battles to draw some kind of murderous instinct from his creature in time for the Reunion, he must also hide his intentions from Rochelle. When she discovers his plans, Cedric must decide what is more important to him, his past or his future. The story is about the way our past affects our future and how our choices affect our ability to overcome it. Cedric is obsessed with the way people treated him and is so blinded by his revenge he cannot see how far he has come since high school. His revenge has now made him into the bully and he treats the Monster with the same ridicule and disdain that his classmates used to treat him.

  • Written by: Steve Moody
  • Directed by: Melanie Jones

Semi-finalist in the Hot Shot Shorts Competition.