When a Doctor removes their ability to feel fear, the members of a suicide survivor’s group end up dead. But is it suicide.. or murder?

Director: Melanie Jones
Writer: Melanie Jones and Joshua Larsson
Starring: Joshua Larsson, Ian Smith, Heather Faye, Rhona Reese, Chris Thede
Production Company:  drawnonward films

Bloodshots 48Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge. 2012

6:50 / color / english / miniDV / 2012

A bootlegger sets off a horrific chain of events when he releases an ancient mummy into the digital age.

Director: Melanie Jones
Writer: Steve Moody, Alasdair Reid, Kaylin Foisy
Starring: Byron Lee, Heather Faye Roberts
Production Company:  F.S.TO.P Film Collective
Awards: Best Costume (for Mummy)

Bloodshots 48Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge. Anza Club, 2007

5:00 / color / english / miniDV / 2007

Business competitors wake up in bed together and fight their attraction to one another.

Director: Melanie Jones
Writer: Micah Reid
Starring: Shayan Bayat and Heather Faye Roberts
Production Company: F.S.TO.P Film Collective

Whistler 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown. Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival, April 2009.

5:00 / color / english / miniDV / 2009

A woman finds an unlikely alliance with a drug dealer as they go up against crooked cops, ex girlfriends and junkies in the search for her brother.

Director: Melanie Jones
Writers: Steve Moody, Kaylin Foisy, Alasdair Reid
Starring: Heather Faye Roberts, Arac Glasgow, Ian Smith, James Behenna, Kelli Warkentin, Joshua Larsson and Shayan Bayat
Production Company: F.S.TO.P Film Collective

Rain City 72 Hour Film Noir Competition. Rio Theatre, March 2009.

10:00 / color / english / minDV / 2009