IIDENT Origins Part II


Welcome back to the IIDENT Origins Blog Series!

Today I want to talk about the development of the project through WIDC (Women in the Director’s Chair.)

Writing the first draft of IIDENT came at a time when I was re-discovering my film aspirations. I had suffered some personal and professional lows and taken a long hiatus from being involved in filmmaking. Except for the odd crewing job, I was not making my own projects or directing anymore. Cue Carol Whiteman!

While attending a grad film screening at my old film school, Langara Film Arts, a casual conversation with Carol ignited a decision to apply to WIDC with IIDENT. Lucky for me – I was accepted to the program.

At the time the WIDC program included two visits to Banff –  first a short Story Incubation Module, where we worked to refine our scenes (we were allowed to submit one scene from our projects for workshopping) and learn more about what kind of director’s we all were and what kind of stories we want to tell. Then we had time to go away and do rewrites with a mentor checking in on our progress.

After a couple of months, we returned with freshly rewritten scenes and a full production crew and union actors for 3 weeks of intense learning, trying, growing, bonding, and workshopping our individual scenes. I got to shoot one scene from my feature film, set in the world of Under.

Most of my other scenes in the film were action-heavy or required too many actors or stunts so I arrived at filming an intimate moment between Beta and another character. I got to work with C.Kim Miles (who had previously shot the Mortal Kombat web series reboot and later went on to become the Director of Photography on the first season of Arrow, and later, The Flash) on my scene. The shoots at WIDC were fast, intense, and ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my film journey.


The “Under” set seems a little underwhelming with no lighting and the studio fluorescents on… (Built in Banff at the Women in the Director’s Chair 2013.)

But Lit up it looked amazeballs. The original scene was shot by C.Kim Miles in Banff at WIDC, and he has signed on to shoot this short film version as well!

But once its lit up it looks amazing! The original scene was shot by C.Kim Miles in Banff at WIDC, and he has signed on to shoot this short film version of IIDENT as well!

IIDENT has evolved over the years since my time at WIDC and this incarnation for Storyhive, the IIDENT short film, introduces new characters and ideas that have come out of my collaborations with the new team of artists and writers.


Banff Centre

My time in Banff is something I’ll always cherish  – many of the actors and crew I met there I’ve worked with since (some of the actors are in FSM!) and hope to work with in the future, and I’ll never forget what it was like to be in a place so beautiful, living my dream life for a little while.

Please VOTE  for IIDENT here: http://www.storyhive.com/project/show/id/1698

*You can vote every day this week till Friday at noon, on multiple devices. Share a screen cap of your vote on our FB Page to be entered in our Daily Prize Draw!
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