Writing Update Jan 2014

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of [her] life, every quality of [her] mind, is written large in [her] works.”
—Virginia Woolf

So I’m currently in the throes of writing a new feature script temporarily titled “FSM.” (translation: Female Seeking Male.) You will notice I’ve added it to the “in development” section of the page above and there is a short logline there.

It feels as though its writing itself at the moment. I have never experienced writing in quite this way. It is drawn a lot from my personal experiences, friends and colleagues, musings I’ve had and more related to the modern dating environment for women in their thirties.

I want it to be a sort of “anti-romantic comedy” – definitely funny but also a bit melancholy and disillusioned. I saw “Her” this weekend and thought to myself that it has some of the qualities I’m aiming for – a broader, less cliched idea of what love and romance is about and how it can dominate our lives in strange ways.

I’m a couple pages away from the 40-page mark and I’ve only been putting it down “on paper” for about two weeks. I have tons of notes on scenes to be written and feel confident that a first, very rough, draft will be done by mid-February at the latest. Which is super fast for me. Like I said, its writing itself…

I’m excited about it because it feels like “the one,” the script that could be my debut feature as a director. Its designed to be shoot-able, set in Vancouver locations that I am fairly certain I can get access to, no stunts or big sci-fi epic moments like my last script IIDENT, just a lot of character work and scenes between two people. It really feels like I am saying something important with this one. Something meaningful and perhaps even relevant to our times. It certainly resonates with me and my experience as a 30-something trying to navigate love and relationships (and heartache) in modern society with all its games and confusion and tension between the sexes.

I don’t currently have any other filming projects on the go but I have recently been asked to help co-write something with a friend of mine. I finally feel, after far too long, that I AM a writer. I’ve been sort of denying that its something I’m any good at because its never what I intended to do – I wanted to direct! But there is something very different about the writing process that I enjoy and that I have found I am good at – and hopefully when the time comes and I’m ready to direct it, those skills and insights I’ve gotten from writing will make me a better director too.

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens.”
—Ray Bradbury

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