Producing The Spiral


This spring/summer Drawn Onward Films is producing a short film called The Spiral.

The Spiral is about a woman named Penelope who wakes up after a heavy night of drinking and can’t remember the one-night stand she assumes has taken place. She is consumed by dark thoughts and sinks into an existential crisis, unaware of the powerful connection she’s made. The story unfolds in her apartment as she struggles to remember the events of the night before. In her vulnerable state, she experiences a savage encounter with a stranger that sends her even deeper into doubt. This story is about our need to connect, and how we punish ourselves so mercilessly when we doubt our own impact. Life is difficult, and The Spiral is an exploration of  one woman’s struggle to see her own beauty and grace.

We have an indiegogo campaign up and running to try and raise the modest funds we need to get this film made.

In particular I want to draw attention to two of our perks that might offer other filmmakers (such as you) some incentive to consider helping us out. Both perks allow you the opportunity to contribute to a film being made, while simultaneously furthering your own film-making goals/film project! A win-win.

$75.00 Q&A with Chris Banting, DOP

If you’ve watched tv or a movie in the last 18 years, you’ve likely seen the work of our DOP Chris Banting. He’s been the man with the camera on such shows as Jpod and Psyche and we’re thrilled to have him. Here’s your chance to chat for a while (Skype or in person) with one of raddest humans working in film today.
Estimated delivery: June 2013
$100.00 Its all about YOU!

A detailed script analysis and story notes on YOUR SCRIPT (up to 30 pages) from Producer Melanie Jones. She will offer you her insights on story, character arc, plot, visual style, genre, audience and budget to help you grow your own project.
Estimated delivery: August 2013
Both perks are available to anyone, anywhere in the world as long as you have email/skype. You do not have to live in Vancouver to benefit from either one. Even if you yourself don’t have a project on the go that could benefit, maybe you know someone else who does! Please share, like, tweet, reblog, etc.

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