Motion Picture + New Media Career Expo 2012


I attended this Expo for the first time this year and I learned so much I wanted to share a few tidbits.


I had no idea the kinds of resources available to film professionals through Actsafe. Of note, you can take your basic first aid training through them at basically half the price of anywhere else!


I didn’t know this, but UBCP have recently changed a lot of their rules about getting waivers to use UBCP actors in your film. Of particular note is the changes they’ve made to insurance requirements. This was a deal-breaker for me financially in the past, and its great that they are recognizing that if you are low-budget that means, by definition, that you don’t have money for insurance.


Did you know that even if your film isn’t opening theatrically, like say you’ve just rented a theatre for one show to show your movie, you can announce it through First Weekend Club and they send it out to all their members!

I also got some nice free swag including a water bottle, a tshirt and a free copy of ReelWest. Definitely going again next year!


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