Bloodshots Production Diary #1

Its ‘Bloodshots Eve’ and its been quite a week of prep! Although the film itself is made in just 48 hours, the prep involved in it is the same as with any regular short film: Casting (harder even because you don’t know what the roles will be), crewing, booking gear, sourcing props and locations that can serve multiple possible storylines… oh yeah, and buying food, arranging carpools, sorting out computer compatibility between various members of post-production, checking names for credits, and in my case, buying tape stock. (I will probably be the only team shooting onto DV tapes rather than SD cards.. so much can change in 5 years!)

Tomorrow is when it begins for REAL – gear is picked up and paid for, time runs out to prepare for all the possible scenarios…and suddenly it will be 6:30 and we’ll be sitting in the Anza Club, eagerly awaiting the go-ahead to open our story packages and begin! This year I happen to know that there are at least 2 other teams that are being spearheaded by fellow graduates from my film school, Langara Film Arts, so there will be some catching up and reminiscing and then some healthy competition amongst us.

If its possible, I’ll try to check in again during production but the next ‘diary’ will probably be from the gurney in the aftermath. 72 hours from now I will have made a MOVIE!


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