Official launch of the IIDENT blog!

Welcome to the official launch of the IIDENT blog.

IIDENT is a futuristic neo-noir thriller about identity trafficking. I decided to start a blog that will chronicle the progress of the film from script to screen, through the entire artistic process of getting inspiration and ideas, writing the drafts of the script and polishing them, and finally – the making of the film!

I am a big lover of sci-fi, both in literature as well as pop culture (movies, television) and I have always wanted to make a sci-fi film. The nature of sci-fi, unfortunately, is that it is very expensive to produce – when you are dealing with the ‘future’, nearly everything has to be made from scratch and there are inevitable digital elements (cg/fx) that are not easy to achieve on a miniscule budget.

When this idea came to me, however, I simply could not let it go – it feels like the perfect balance between something sci-fi and futuristic, and a character-driven story that could be done relatively inexpensively. My hope is that the film ends up being a character piece that happens to be set in the future – think THX1138, Cube, Primer.. those are the films I am kind of modelling on.

Some of my favorite sci-fi stories are set in what is sometimes called “five-minutes-into-the-future.” What this means is that it is basically ‘our world’ but just a little bit farther in the future. sometimes as little as a year ahead up to around 40 or 50 years. People or public figures that are alive today are still alive in the story kind of thing. My film will be in this genre of sci fi and use another typical approach to writing sci-fi –  the idea of extrapolation. Basically it means taking some kind of problem or fear from NOW and extrapolating that into the future by saying well, what if this happened? Then you follow that down the path to see where it leads. The Matrix is based on fears of artificial intelligence and what could happen if they became the ‘dominant species.’ 1984 is extrapolated from a fear of ultimate government control.  See what I mean?

I hope you will enjoy coming along on this journey with me – it could be months, a year, or even years before this film ever sees the light of day – but I think it is worth here goes!


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