Preparing for Bloodshots 2012

I am uber stoked to be participating in Bloodshots again this year. I last participated in 2007, when I produced the film “The Phantom Mummy” for which we won Best Costume for our Mummy character. This year I have assembled a downright fantastic team of actors and crew to help me bring another scary story to life. I will be posting an update and breakdown of the experience and process of making the film in 48 hours after the filming weekend (Oct 19-21) but I wanted to write a short post about the process of PREPARING for a film competition like this.

The basic to do list that comprises my preparation.

  • Register for the film fest.
  • Call for Cast and Crew (post on facebook, email friends and colleagues, advertise on craigslist, ask your family members.)
  • Determine gear to be used and gear sources, including rentals if necessary.
  • Determine a budget. (Gear, gas, props, FOOD, entry fee)
  • Collect various filming locations (usually belonging to cast and crew.)
  • Gather props and costumes that are versatile (for example, its a horror competition, so I am buying blood and various gory Halloween things.)
  • ‘Interview’ potential crew answering ads – Don’t just take anyone, check them out, look at their previous work. Ask for resumes.
  • Email everyone to confirm their participation. Again.
  • Watch reference material to prepare (in this case, watch horror movies.)
  • Create a schedule outlining how you hope the filming weekend will go (plans can always be thrown out or adjusted, they’re much more difficult to concoct on the spot.)
  • Host a cast and crew meeting to answer questions, pool resources, get to know each other.
  • Brainstorm possible ideas – flex the muscle and practice coming up with crazy stories on the spot. DON’T WRITE A SCRIPT IN ADVANCE – it is always harder to ‘make things fit’ than to truly respond to the story elements you are given in the moment. Really.
  • SLEEP.

Closer to/on the day, here are some of the more nitty gritty things that I will be thinking about…

Have I picked up all the gear? Sound? Lights? Camera? Do I have tapes for the camera? Are the batteries charged? Bring laptop. Bring laptop charger. Bring hard drive. Bring printer. Bring water bottle. Crafty food and drink purchased? Meal plan in place and groceries bought? Props, costumes and makeup purchased and on hand? Money for MUA kit fee prepped? Cast and Crew releases printed and ready? Phone? Phone charger? Cast/crew contact list handy/printed/or on phone? DVDs for export/delivery?

Once we hit 7:00pm on Friday, I want to know that ALL of those questions are off my mind and taken care of so I can focus on the now imminent MAKING OF THE FILM. Wish me luck guys – my team is amazing and I want to live up to that. See you on the other side.


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