Skye & Chang

Back in June I was hired to do the Production Design for a TV Pilot called Skye & Chang, an action-comedy series with a sci fi twist, written and directed by Loretta Todd and produced by Qube Media in partnership with APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network.)

It was a FANTASTIC experience not only because it was a real honest-to-goodness PAID gig in my industry, doing something I really enjoy (second only to directing) but because it was a nice big step in the direction I want to go in  – onwards and upwards into bigger budget, bigger scale productions, whether TV, Film or anything in between.

I learned a ton, met lots of great people and came away with experience and knowledge that will only improve me as a production designer and director in the future.

It was one of those opportunities where going out on smaller scale projects for free for peers and friends finally results in paid work. (A thousand thanks to Josias Tschantz for recommending me for the position.)

Eventually I will be adding images of the sets to my design portfolio. I am very proud of what we managed to achieve on the budget that we had, although props (*hardy har) need to be given to the art dept crew, who ALL brought personal belongings to set to fill in the set dressing.

I can’t divulge details about the story and all that jazz, but I CAN post a couple photos of my awesome, hardworking art dept. crew who I learned a ton from. Here’s hoping there’s more of this kind of thing in my future in the industry.

working like gangstas making props on the street after we got kicked out of the location earlier than planned.

unpacking Ikea furniture for the set

me and my art director and props master in front of the ‘rave’ set piece aka squiddy

The entire art dept (minus one PA) in our most intricate set.





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