On Set

I’m currently working on two productions.

One is a trailer for A Thousand Bayonets, shooting this weekend. I am doing production design. Among the fun things I get to make/source for this trailer are: custom military dog tags (which I got made at mydogtag.com for cheap), a stripper pole, a fake newspaper (including a wall logo for the newspaper’s office), and mug shots/criminal information on a bad guy. There are 11 locations which we are shooting in just 2 days and we have a scene with a machine gun shootout. Woot.

The other is a short called Le Petit Mort, a feminist noir that I am Director of Photography on. I admit that I’m a little nervous about this one because I haven’t DP’d anything in awhile. I’m responsible for crewing the camera and lighting departments, choosing the camera and making a gear wish list. Eep. Better start studying my cinematography books right?


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