“385 days and counting…”

I somehow missed the one year anniversary of my website launch (it was 20 days ago on Nov. 7)! Kind of a bummer but I’ve been adding a lot of content over the past couple of weeks and doing some, shall we say, ‘Spring Cleaning’ of the website (its basically spring here in New Zealand so it counts) so its almost like I sort of subconsciously realized it… or something.

Tonight I am preparing some copies of my films Rest Stop and Manhood to send to, *gulp*, Peter Jackson! Yes, I managed to track down the mailing address of his company (Wingnut Films) and I have prepared a cover letter and a CV and gigantic red envelope to throw it all into, in an attempt to make it stand out in the mailbox. I don’t know why but I am incredibly nervous about mailing this thing off, even though it will probably just get opened and read by some Wingnut Films assistant or something and never actually make it to Peter Jackson directly. But I have to try, right?

I must admit the past month here (Wellington, New Zealand for those not up to date) has been a bit of a ride… kind of like those old ‘Zipper‘ rides at the Country Fair, all rusty and spinning around and your change was falling out of your pockets and you were sure you were going to be sick! Ya that pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been equal parts lazy, homesick and self-deprecating for letting the first two parts stop me from pursuing what I’m here to do.

I finally got a library card yesterday and when I went to go and take out a copy of ‘Story’ and the ‘Screenwriter’s Bible’ and similar stuff to help me start writing, of course they were all on loan already. grrrr. It feels like things keep conspiring against me getting going on, well, anything at all.  But I’m sure that’s just me feeling down and blowing things out of proportion.

Anyone know if you can access any of the Screenwriter’s Bible exercises online anywhere? I have a copy at home but it costs a crap load of money to mail stuff here from Canada, especially heavy stuff like books. Anyways, I did manage to make a start on my feature script – I wrote down a page of ideas, images, things I think I should research, movies I want to watch of re-watch, and I did some research into what kinds of films are already out there in the same subject area as my story. Better to be informed about the similarities your script might have to existing films out there than ignorant and unable to contextualize your film within the film world.

One thing I have made some progress on (although it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything because I’m just sitting on my butt the whole time) is my goal to watch my way through some of the great movies out there that I haven’t yet seen. I have a few lists going and I have already watched 7 films off the list (free movie rentals is the biggest reason I got a job at a video store.) Shawshank Redemption lived up to the intense amount of hype piled on it from every person I’ve met who was appalled I had never seen it. I’ve seen it now ok? And yes, its amazing. I also watched THX 1138 (by George Lucas) which was actually quite interesting and dare I say, good. I won’t digress into movie-reviewing here, but I’d recommend watching both films.

Bye for now.. and Happy Birthday drawnonwardfilms!


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