Knocking on Doors…

It has been quite awhile since I posted on here. But hopefully you have been following my journey through my other blog, which is now up to date. I have been having a hard time getting started here in Wellington but I did manage to work up the nerve to go out and apply for a job at all the LOTR film studios/workshops.

Here’s hoping something actually pans out for me there. My first stop was Weta Digital and the most promising of the 4 places I went to. it was relatively easy to find and when I went inside there was a receptionist there with a smile, more than willing to take my resume and pass it on to Human Resources.She actually said the words, ” They’re always looking for runners.” which made my heart jump into my throat a little bit. What? an actual, possible job? Excellent.

My next stop was the ever-infamous, incredibly cool Weta Workshop, where they made all of the props, creatures, weapons and costumes for LOTR. of course, they get about 100 portfolios a day because every artist in the world would love to work there. Me, I’m just hoping to make coffee for the artists.. I have no lofty aspirations, just a desire to get a foot in the door. I couldn’t find it at first, so I had to stop by the Weta Cave (the tourist attraction where you can see sculptures and replicas of things used in the films as well as buy souvenirs.)I asked there where the main office for Weta was and got the (expected) semi-snarky, exasperated response of, ” They really aren’t hiring and get about 100 portfolios a day.” Yes, I know. I did my research. Anyways, she told me where to go and I went around the corner, up the stairs and into Weta. oooooooh!

Next, I went to Park Road Post where I was met with friendly and warm smiles by the people behind reception. They took my resume, told me there weren’t any openings right now but that they would hand it to the Human Resources person and actually gave me her card so I can follow up.Finally I went in search of Stone St. Studios which I eventually found. I had to give my resume to a security guard and he assured me that it would go to reception at the end of the day… oh and by the way, you’re the 6th person today. I’m not
really sure why people feel its necessary to point out how hard it is to get a job. I would think most people know that. But if you don’t at least try, you definitely wont get a job so there!

I hope all of your film aspirations are going well, wish me luck in getting an ‘in’ here in Welly.


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