Production Design for a Feature!

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I apologize to those of you who have been checking often only to find no updates… it has been a crazy few months and to be honest, I haven’t felt the blogging urge.
I have quite a few new updates in the realm of film:

I am currently working as the Art Director on a feature film written and produced by Alyson Drysdale and directed by Garwin Sanford. This is possibly one of the (if not THE) coolest jobs I have ever had. If I wasn’t going to pursue directing, I think Art Direction would definitely be my passion in the film world. It ties in so well with my background in sculpture and installation – in terms of understanding space. Its like I get to
interpret the film in the spaces it occupies and the way that it lives and breathes behind the 2D frame. Its also great to work with people who really believe in you, even if you are not entirely sure of what you are doing….

In July, I will be teaching Film and Sculpture at a Teen Summer Camp for two weeks in Squamish. I am really excited about this because I will get to flex both my film and art muscles (watch out – here come the ‘guns’) and also develop my teaching skills again. This opportunity came to me literally out of nowhere and I’m excited to see where it takes me…

In July/August, I will also be DOPing on the first of a short series of films called S.O.B. That’s all I will tell you for now as the series is still in development, however I am stoked to work with all my favorite people again!! I am also really excited to see my friend Steve try his hand at directing and help him out in any way I can…


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