Postponing Production

It has been awhile since my last post and I have no excuses really. I have added lots of new content to the website but I have not really had much to blog about. After doing Noirfest, I went on to participate in the Whistler 72hr filmmaker showdown. It was a great experience, and a fun film to make. Very different from BLOW HARD ( 72 Hour Noirfest) as we had a very minimal cast and crew. We shot in one room and literally the total cast and crew was 6 people! We had a good plan going into making the film as we knew that our script was manageable within the time limit. We even had time to get the film scored and spend a few hours working on our credits sequence! Unfortunately we did not make it into the finals, but one of our competitors, another team of Langara grads did! Anyways, you can watch the film in the video gallery section of the website.
On a separate note, I have had to make a hard decision about postponing production on my short film “Class of ’88.” I am really disappointed that I am not going to be able to shoot this film this summer, however I want to do it right and it feels like I’m rushing it into production. On top of that, we simply have no funding for the film and with making these last two 72hour films, I pretty much exhausted any extra resources I might have had to put towards it. Since it is a monster movie, it is essential that there is some money behind it in order to achieve the effects and the make-up needed. There is definitely a semi-B-movie quality to the film, but not so much that we can shoot it with cardboard sets and no budget! Although, if anyone reading this is interested in investing in our film, please contact me. It is really a fantastic script, and it was shortlisted in the Hot Shots Shorts Competition put on by the Celluloid Social Club. Hey… I have to try right? I have to say, even thought I am very excited about my trip around the world, it always seems that you plan to leave just as opportunities come along that you don’t want to miss out on. I guess that’s always the way.
Here’s hoping they don’t start filming the Hobbit just as I am getting ready to LEAVE New Zealand…


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