Viva Low Budget!

Rest Stop. This film has slowly risen to become my (and my collaborators) shining little gem. This film, made two years ago, right after I finished film school, and my first DRAMA has had more success than I ever dreamed it would. it began with getting accepted to a festival in Australia and has continued to grow into something that I am extremely proud of. It screened in Whistler last summer as part of LunaFliks prior to the feature film “This is England” and most recently it screened at possibly the most fruitful festival I have ever been included in! The U of T Film Festival has not only been a venue to show my film in Toronto but has resulted in interest from a distributor and the film’s first prize: Best Cinematography! This film is proof that you don’t need to have a big budget or tons of crew and locations to make a great film. It was shot on DV over 4 days, with three characters, 1 location, no lighting equipment, and 5 crew members for a thousand dollars! Viva low budget!


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